East Kamloops BIA Wants You On Our Team!

In September 2022, a small group of business and commercial property owners like you began looking for positive solutions to the challenges and concerns we face doing business along the east valley corridor.

We approached the City of Kamloops, formed a steering committee, got great support from the North Shore BIA, and are now well on our way to launching our own East Kamloops Business Improvement Association.

Join us! By getting involved, you will be able to help with this important work—and make sure that your voice is heard.

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Your BIA : Your Voice

The East Kamloops BIA will be governed by its members—area business and property owners like you. A volunteer Board of Directors drawn from this community will hire an executive director and other staff who will work with all levels of government and service providers in the Kamloops area.
When the question, “How do I deal with this?” comes to mind, a quick call or email to them will ensure your voice is heard by those who need to hear it. Because your BIA is controlled by you and your business neighbours, it will reflect your priorities. The work it does will be what is needed right here.

What is a BIA?

A BIA is created under provincial legislation with City approval. It promotes and advocates for the businesses and commercial property owners within its boundaries. The goal is to stimulate the local economy while supporting and providing a voice for the business community.
A successful BIA is about more than business development; it serves the whole community by helping to create a safe, clean, attractive, and pleasant place to shop, dine, work, and live.

What Can A BIA
Do For You?

This is your association, and it can be designed in many ways. The BIA can hire a community monitor, be a merchant association, roll out a clean-up team, initiate revitalization projects, coordinate civic planning processes, appoint a spokesperson to economic development teams, push for better management of parks and other public areas, and be a positive voice when addressing street related issues.
We can also plan promotional activities, special events to bring the community together, and marketing campaigns to draw in new customers.

Cost Shared Fairly

As required by BC legislation, our BIA will be funded through a member-based property tax levy. The target considered in the initial budgetary planning is a mil rate of .0008. This translates to $8 per $10,000 of assessed value. So if your property is assessed at $1 million, the levy would be $800.

What is the Business
of A BIA?

Depending on the priorities of an individual community, a BIA can be involved with:
• Advocacy
• Communication
• Community development
• Economic development
• Special events
• Marketing and promotions
• Public space initiatives
• Development and revitalization
• Safety and crime prevention
• Social issues
• Street beautification and enhancements